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The Auckland branch of GSNZ is one of seven local branches who organise illustrated lectures, discussion meetings, field trips and social events. 

As a GSNZ member, wherever you live, you are welcome to attend Auckland branch meetings and trips.  It is also possible to join the Auckland branch independently, known as GeoClub.

Established in 1992 at Auckland Museum GeoClub is a mix of enthusiastic amateurs and professionals who share a common interest in the study and understanding of Auckland's geology and fossils.

No previous knowledge or understanding of geology is required to become a member, although most of our members started by taking an adult education course or a geology paper at University. The main requirement is an enthusiasm to understand something about the long history of the earth and our region.

Geology is a hobby that families and people of all ages can enjoy. It gets you out into the open air and is a great way to exercise. It takes you to fascinating places you have never visited before and above all you will start seeing the landscape with new eyes. No longer will you just see sheep grazing on hills. You will start to see the lava flows, the fault lines, the folded strata that control the shape of the hills, ancient river terraces and coastal plains.


What do we do?
  • Club nights are on the third Tuesday of each month, except January; doors open 7.15pm and talks begin 7.30pm, at the Epsom Community Centre, 200 Gillies Avenue, Epsom, Auckland.
  • Books and pamphlets on New Zealand geology are available at wholesale prices.
  • Expert assistance is available to help you identify problem rocks, minerals or fossils.
  • Frequent half or full day field trips take place at weekends throughout the year; car-pooling is encouraged.
  • Periodic long weekend field trips to interesting geology further from Auckland, with costs kept low with budget accommodation.
Next meeting

Tuesday 20 October, 7.30pm
“Oil and Gas, and my part in it" by Geoclubber Andrew Clark

Tuesday 17 November, 7.30pm
Two graduate presentations
“Hawk Bay density flows” by Sian Camp
“Towards a 200,000 year climate record from the Auckland Volcanic Field" by Benjamin Laeuchli


GeoClub members receive a monthly GeoClub newsletter by email with information of upcoming talks and field trips.

An application form to join GeoClub is available here

Mount Eden

Mount Eden


Auckland GeoClub Magazine


Number 23, July 2020


Back copies of Geocene have been added to the National Heritage Digital Archive hosted by the National Library and can be viewed here